Psychotherapist Reviews

We are located in Brookline, MA

Due to the confidential and private nature of our therapeutic alliance, I have listed some reviews of my services, Dan Sutelman, LICSW, however names and any related notes that might identify the client have been removed. As a therapy client, you’ll never be asked by me to provide a review. I welcome them, however you should never feel as though you are expected to provide a review of my services.

“Dan Sutelman is a very caring psychotherapist. I highly recommend his counseling services to anyone in the Brookline area. He listens very well.” – Therapy Client

“I called Dan Sutelman, LICSW and I was provided with an appointment the next day. I had never been to therapy before, and I am encouraged by the experience that I had with Dan Sutelman, in the therapy process.” – New Therapy Client

“We so appreciate the insight and specialized help that Dan Sutelman, LICSW was able to provide to our son. For many years we tried various psychiatrists and counselors only to be met with strange personalities and expectations that we felt were not appropriate for us. Dan listened to our situation and has been a dream come true.” – Parent of a Minor Therapy Client

“I don’t share very much, but I’d like to provide Dan Sutelman, LICSW with a five star review of his counseling services. His help was very much appreciated”. – Former Therapy Client

“Dan you have helped me so much with my struggles after this divorce. The anxiety and overwhelmed feelings have subsided and I feel confident in working through my day to day  issues that I encounter”.  – Therapy client that struggled with Anxiety